Why Choose PEAS?

With the rapid growth of business volume, change in working environment towards internet, and complexity of commission system structure, Real Estate companies find that a Real Estate Agent Resource Management system (REARM) is mandatory in order to cope with the growth and meet its ever-changing business environment.

PEAS, an REARM solution, with full manageability that enables the management and administration of user to achieve maximum productivity and flexibility using our turnkey solution.

PEAS solution comes with outstanding price performance ratio. The essential core operating functions of Real Estate works are supported by the out-of-box functions of PEAS, which implies implementation to be in the range of weeks instead of months.

While other solutions focused on small technical specializations, PEAS support the business. PEAS’s support for business processes was simply unmatched in the industry.

Furthermore, PEAS cost was exceptional for the value and features gained, and recognition by the industry as a key solution on the market.


PEAS has helped many organizations ensure the deployments of the solution is highly available and delivering optimal user experiences while slashing costs. This is achieved by delivering visibility into the entire PEAS functionality from a single-product solution with a business-centric approach where each component is analyzed from the perspective of how they impact user experiences. No other solution on the market can match PEAS for its ease of deployment, use and price point.

Our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of driving out complexity and cost in our customers’ admin and IT operations. We pride ourselves in our ability to actively listen to our customers and incorporate customer feedback into the solution. We believe this ongoing process will continue to enhance market appreciation of PEAS.