Business Values

Complete Solution in a Box – PEAS is utilized as a comprehensive REARM solution, with pre-installed software stack ready for implementation. There is no need to acquire additional hardware or third party software licenses which makes the investment more affordable.

Speed of Change – PEAS was designed to be robust and yet flexible. The solution can be rapidly deployed and your commission structure can be adjusted or changed quickly. The user can redefine their business flow as they learn more about their businesses and Salespersons.

Ease of Use and Customisation – Whereas traditional approaches require an army of consultants and programmers for a typical deployment, PEAS uses high-priced consultants and custom software development to give you a fully functional, yet flexible and customizable software suite.

Easy to Maintain – PEAS was designed to ease the burden on IT professionals. Routine maintenance of the solution, such as backups, updates and system maintenance are fully automated. This means that PEAS customers don’t have to dedicate staff just to maintain the solution and make the ongoing cost of ownership low.

Rapid Deployment – Deploying as a SaaS (Software as a Service) eliminates many steps that are time consuming and prevents potential installation issues due to mis-configuration or incompatible hardware and software. The combination of speed of delivery and reduced support dependency enable a faster roll out and deployment giving fast return on investment.


"An Affordable and User Friendly software for ALL Real Estate Agencies"


Most IMPORTANT of all, PEAS can be highly customized to suit your business needs and way of working. It grows with you as you grow your business

Let us share with you how Real Estate Agencies are benefitting from PEAS and how it can make a success to your business.


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