Professional Estate Agent System

PEAS is a specialized Real Estate Agent Resource Management (REARM) solutions designed for Real Estate companies that need accurate and comprehensive transaction reports which are not provided in common application and basic accounting system. PEAS track and integrate all data related to the Salesperson, including employment details, transaction records (both completed and current), and career path. The end results? You will get compliance reports, performance indicators, accounting notification and more!

AMS - Agent Management System

AMS provides the backbone of the overall PEAS system. AMS supports the Agency’s backend operations in the day to day management of the business. AMS comprises the core functions such as Salesperson Management, Transaction Tracking, AR/AP Monitoring, and Sales Reporting among others to ensure the operations run efficiently and effectively. 

ABS - Account Business Suite

If you dream of an integrated system with full-fledged accounting system to improve accuracy, productivity and efficiency, look no further! We work in close consultation with professional accountants to develop ABS as a proprietary accounting system with well-defined workflows and logics customization for the Real Estate Industry. By integrating GL, Cashbook, AR, AP, Balance Sheet, P&L, and Trial Balance with AMS, our solution provides an  option to upgrade PEAS into an Enterprise Grade solution. 

SPO - Salesperson Online Module

Salesperson are often on the move! SPO allows the Salesperson to access to their account to view their transactions activities, status and records. SPO also allows them to submit their transactions online anywhere and anytime as long as there is internet access.

PMS - Project Management System

Managing project marketing is made easier with PMS. It is a unique product that allows Agency to set multiple project teams, review their past projects sales, and assign them to different projects simultaneously.

Couple with a unique proprietary Commission Map Generator, the Agency will be able to customize each project with different commission payout, whether it is a simple one level commission system or complex multiple levels with departmental cost structure system.

By integrating to AMS, Agency and Salesperson will be able to have a complete holistic view of their sales and achievements.

Add-On Modules

POS - Point of Sales

Need a POS system to manage purchases of corporate items or services, and yet able to have a record of past transactions? Fret not, our POS system facilitates a point of sales for goods and services. Integrating to Salesperson Online Module (SPO), Salesperson will be able to see their past purchases and manage their budget more efficiently.

It also comes with an inventory control system for the management and accounting of inventories.

DMS - Debt Management System

Debt Management System allows the creation and management of in house receivables due from Salesperson, group or whole Agency. This robust and flexible system allows the deduction of miscellaneous expenditure such as annual subscription or training fees directly from Salesperson’s sales commission.

DMS allows the Agency to easily cross-check and manage the outstanding debt, and make the deduction, be it partial or full, from the Salesperson’s commission payable. In this case, DMS provides greater visibility and control over the management of receivables from within the estate agency.

FMS - Franchise Management System

FMS is a necessity for Agency with a franchise system model. Agency can create unlimited franchisee within the same single account. Having the flexibility to set individual franchisee commission or over-riding policies, the system will help meet the expansion needs of the Agency.