Features at a Glance

Salesperson ManagementConsolidated the data of Salesperson transaction record, career path and integrated into a single dashboard for easy access.
Property Transaction ManagementEasy tracking, monitoring and collation of sales transaction in a single holistic view.
Basic AccountingFacilitate the issuance of invoice, credit note, receipts, payment voucher, receivable reports and payable reports as well as deduction of miscellaneous fees from sales transaction. (Optional upgrade to a full-fledged accounting module is available.)
Integrated Accounting ModulesFully integrated proprietary accounting modules tailored for Real Estate Industry, allowing all-in-one enterprise solutions. Includes features such as General Ledger, Cashbook, Sales Order, Receivable, and Payable we well as financial reports such as Sales Taxes, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.
Commission Structure GeneratorCreate any permutation of commission schemes and policies for each Salesperson as well as management of Salesperson hierarchy. The tool also allow the inclusion of a bonus scheme for complex sales incentive structure.
Sales reporting ToolProvision of sales report templates for individual, group, or company level with predefined and yet customizable queries. Referral commission reports are included.
Role and Security PolicyAllow the segregation of duties and definition of individual access rights for better control and management of the system.
Calendar and EventsSchedule transaction appointment, events and set up of reminders.
E-Document Archive SystemEasily retrieval of documents such as Sales Agreement, Commission Agreement and related transaction documents with access trails. Documents related to a Sales Transaction can be electronically archived.
Team SetupOrganize and setup your project team with selection criteria and preset conditions.
Project Commission MapStructuring complex project commission payout with our proprietary Tree Design Technology. This function allows the inclusion of bonuses, departmental and marketing cost deductions.
Project Reporting Tools Allow systematic reporting with report templates for developer, agency and sales team.
Project Accounting and Budgeting Empower the project team with accurate budgeting tools providing better analysis and control or projects.
Project Scheduler Manage and assign team to multiple projects concurrently with charts that can help to manage conflicting schedules.